A Touching Act of Fan Love

A couple weeks back we thought about ways we could get the community involved in helping us make our latest game Star Fighter Saga – Mars Assault. We decided to create a contest on one of our favorite forums (Touch Arcade!) to help us name the player ships in our game.

The contest was affectionately called “Name that Ship”. We listed the three player space ships that we currently had ready for the game and invited anyone daring enough to reply to submit names for these Star Fighters. The contest ran for a week and we got a very positive response from the Touch Arcade community.

To check out the thread CLICK HERE.

Judging the contest was very difficult as there were some really good names (as you can see from the thread). Our judging process went through several rounds of “what names resonate with us” type questions. In the end there were 3 names that kept coming to mind and those are the ones we picked as the winners.

The Contest Results:

Icy Thunder by Jenna Lavender Rose
Star Fighter Icy Thunder
Nebula by miroa
Star Fighter Nebula
Reaper by WillCN
Star Fighter Reaper

The contest was such a success that we are totally going to have future contests to help name all the other ships that we have planned for this final installment of the Star Fighter Saga series. Stay tuned to find out when the next contest happens so you can get your name submission in and have a chance at christening a player ship of your own!

OK, plug aside the one thing that caught us by surprise was the adoration we got from one fan that was so excited that we picked her son’s name (Icy Thunder) that she wrote a poem for us. Talk about fan love. We are so touched and flattered by this act that we asked if we could share the poem with you guys. Without further delay here is Jenna Lavender Rose’s poem titled Icy Thunder, Nebula & Reaper.

Icy Thunder, Nebula & Reaper

The moon is gone, other planets Boom!
Earths fate is sealed, she’ll meet her doom.
Hold your loved ones, say goodbye
As we watch our planet die…

But wait, can you hear the engines roar
Against the fear of raging war?

A glimmer of hope, yes it’s true
Can they save the earth, and my new hairdo?

Icy Thunder, Nebula and the Reaper
Of our hopes they are the keeper

Yes, the earth they will save
And teach those aliens to behave!

These beautiful ships with those beautiful names
Aliens, wars and video games

So in your face you inferior alien scum
Icy Thunder, Nebula and Reaper has come!