Hey guys and welcome to Game Grenade.com my name is Matt Crawford and I am the principle game designer here at the studio.

As many youth growing up in the Nintendo era, I have always wanted to make games. In college I studied different forms of art like 2D Animation, 3D Animation, Graphic Design, Web Design, Digital Illustration, Technical Illustration and Traditional Art. My goal was to learn the skills necessary to land me a job at one of the many game companies in Dallas, TX. Dreams of blowing the socks off id or Gearbox were soon dashed as I came to the ugly realization that getting into the game biz as an artist is brutal.

I never gave up the dream of one day developing professional games. I did try to study programming and even built some really simple games but they didn’t have the depth and polish needed to actually sell. This is when I finally realized that I needed a team of passionate people to help me build games.

Now I have a team and the means to finally start up a game company and what better platform to launch on than mobile. Mobile gaming has skyrocketed in popularity and has personally replaced my PC and console as my primary gaming device. Not to mention the cost of entry into game development as opposed to consoles is significantly lower.

To date we have released Shark Run and Happy Bubble, both for iPhone, with many more games in the pipeline. Also, check us out on Facebook and Twitter as we will release the most up-to-date stuff there with some exclusive stuff too!

Again, thanks for visiting the site and I hope you guys have as much fun playing our games as we have making them.