Still Life and Other Traditional Drawings

This page is a compilation of the various Still Life and other drawings and renderings that I have done. Click on an image to open the image gallery slider.

Emile Bellet painting I did in Photoshop while learning to use a WACOM Tablet.

Digital Paintings and Drawings

I am a big fan of using the computer to create artwork and I love seeing people create amazing paintings using various software. Here are some of my digital paintings and drawings that I have done. Click on an image to open the...
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Storyboard Animatics and Stop Motion Animation

These are some of the storyboard animatics that I did while taking a storyboard class. This next video is my stop motion animation from my History of Animation class.


Sewer Portfolio Piece

This is a sewer environment that I have been working on while learning to use UDK. All of the assets used to create this environment come with UDK. Click an image to open the image gallery slider.


Dropship Portfolio Piece

This is a dropship I created while learning to use 3DSMax and the textures are painted using Photoshop. Click an image to open the image gallery slider.

A Touching Act of Fan Love

A couple weeks back we thought about ways we could get the community involved in helping us make our latest game Star Fighter Saga – Mars Assault. We decided to create a contest on one of our favorite forums (Touch...
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United We Stand: The Moral Lesson I See In Guild Wars 2

As I was driving to work yesterday something profound hit me as I was thinking about Guild Wars 2 and that is the morale lesson and value in the game. I often think about Guild Wars 2 and about how...
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Kickstarter Update and New Store Announcement

OK guys the Kickstarter Project has officially ended. We raised $903 towards our $3,000 goal. Although we didn’t hit our goal we are still very excited at the support that many of you showed us. It is amazing to me...
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New Object Art Update on Kickstarter

I have updated the Kickstarter Project with new artwork that my artist has completed. The art is of various objects that will be in the game. These objects range from background art to obstacles that the player will have to...
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