Dodge that Tool! LITE

Dodge that Tool LITE

Dodge that Tool LITE Out Now on the App Store!

Dodge that Tool! LITE is a fast paced catch style game with simple controls that is easy to pick up but hard to put down. Try the full version for more levels, outfits, and more!

What people are saying about Dodge that Tool:

“Gotta say its addicting! Got the game for my kids and can’t stop! Telling my friends about it!!!” – 2Ts Mamma

“Dodge That Tool!! As you collect plans, its fun and challenging to dodge tools. They can come at different speeds to test your skills at not being hit. Music is great and “power ups” can be life savers. I have only played construction site, but I want to keep playing to see if I can improve my score and move to next level.”  –  Pab77511

“The art is very nice and the music is a blast to listen to. My wife plays this game just to hear the music! My fav is having a “high-score” off with my friends as we try to one up each other.”  – ariesman

What are you waiting for? Download Dodge that Tool! LITE now and show off your dodging skills!

Key Features

  • Super Simple Tilt Controls
  • Highly Addicting Gameplay
  • Insane Power Ups
  • HD Handcrafted Art
  • CD Quality Sound
  • High Score Battles to Compete with Your Friends via Email, Twitter or Facebook

Full Version Additions

  • More Unique Levels
  • More Awesome Music
  • New Crazy Outfits
  • New Tools to Dodge
  • Leaderboards to Show Off Your Skills Against the World

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Special Thanks!

  • Adrian Hurtado: for his outstanding artwork and passion for games.
  • Rajan Maharjan: for all his hard work and dedication to bring this game to life through code.

Thank you from all of us for playing Dodge that Tool! LITE

Dodge that Tool Main ScreenDodge that Tool's Controls
Dodge that Tool's Power-Ups