Dodge that Tool!


Are You Top Dodger?

Dodge that Tool! is a simple yet addictive game about dodging tools, collecting blueprints, unlocking new levels and dominating the world (or just your friends) at the Leaderboards. Think you have the skills to be the number 1 Top Dodger? Prove it!

** TheMission**

Meet Hank the star of Dodge that Tool! His job is to collect the blueprints that his fellow co-workers drop on the job site. Hank is the best at what he does and takes pride in his work. One day an inter-dimensional portal appears out of nowhere and sucks up all the blueprints. Hank jumps through the portal in order to rescue the stolen blueprints. Now he is on a mission of a lifetime traveling through time and space to collect the missing blueprints. Your mission is to help Hank collect enough blueprints to return home. Do you accept?

** Multiplayer Action **

Dominate the world in several Leaderboards created for each level. Brag to your friends about your high scores via the in-game email, Twitter, and Facebook messenger. Think you have what it takes to be number 1? Compete on the Top Dodgers Leaderboard to prove it!

** Features **

  • Simple Controls – Tilt to Dodge Tools and Collect Blueprints or Power Ups
  • Unlock New Levels – Collect Blueprints to Unlock New Levels
  • HD Handcrafted Art – Each New Level has its Own Unique Look and Feel
  • Themed Music – Enjoy Unique Theme Music in Each New Level
  • Share Your Scores – Built-in Email, Twitter or Facebook Support
  • Battle Your Friends -GameCenterLeaderboard Support for High Score Competition
  • All Future Content FREE! – You Will Get All Future Content at No Additional Cost

** Power Ups **

  • Hard Hat – Gives an Extra Life
  • Sandwich- Grants Temporary Invulnerability
  • Hour Glass – Temporarily Slows Down the Tools
  • Golden Blueprint – Temporarily Turns All Tools into Blueprints

** Special Thanks! **

  • Adrian Hurtado: for his outstanding artwork and passion for games.
  • Rajan Maharjan: for all his hard work and dedication to bring this game to life through code.

** Thank you from all of us for playing Dodge that Tool! **

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