Kickstarter Update and New Store Announcement

OK guys the Kickstarter Project has officially ended. We raised $903 towards our $3,000 goal. Although we didn’t hit our goal we are still very excited at the support that many of you showed us. It is amazing to me anytime someone believes in a project that I am working on. It makes me feel like they have faith in the project and feel it is worthy of their time and resources. So for that you all have my deepest thanks and gratitude.

Now onto another great announcement that we would like to make. Game Grenade has officially opened its first store! This is really exciting because we have put some of the rewards from the Kickstarter Project in the store for those that still wanted that really cool t-shirt or custom iPhone case. Better yet this is another way for you guys to help with development as the proceeds from the store’s sales will go back into the game!

Again, thank you for your support and be sure to check out the store linked HERE to get some really cool gear.