Star Fighter Saga – Earth Defense


Earth Is Under Attack!

Get ready for the exciting next chapter in the iPhone exclusive Star Fighter Saga series. The moon has been lost to hostile Martians and now they are bent on destroying Earth. Star Fighter are you ready to defeat this alien threat and save humanity?

The Story So Far:

In August 2012 mankind learned it wasn’t alone in the galaxy. A signal was received from the planet Mars and shortly thereafter several dark objects were seen leaving the planet from the Mars Rovers.

In one year’s time these Martians arrived at Earth’s doorstep. Not only did we learn we are not alone but we learned that these visitors are hostile.

The Earth’s united military created the Star Fighter program to combat the invading army. Their task was to drive the Aliens away from Earth’s orbit.

The Martians’ technology proved too much for the under prepared Star Fighter pilots. In defeat the fleet pulled back as the aliens took over Earth’s Moon.

Now with the Moon under their control the Martians have established a Forward Operating Base for their invasion of Earth. We must not let that happen.

The Star Fighters are our only hope to defeating the alien horde. If we fail here it means annihilation for Earth.

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Special thanks to BlackMoon Design for their awesome artwork with the backgrounds, enemies and power ups!

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