Star Fighter Saga – First Contact

Star Fighter Saga First Contact

The Invasion Has Begun!

Wage intergalactic war on an invading alien armada in Star Fighter Saga – First Contact, the first game in the epic Star Fighter Saga Trilogy!

In August 2012, astronomers received a response from a radio signal they had been sending into outer space. Shortly after receiving the transmission the Mars Rover Spirit, which has been offline since March of 2011, came back online and sent a short video back to Earth before it was completely destroyed. The video showed doors to an underground bunker opening and several black masses coming out of it headed towards space. Scientist have calculated that these Unidentified Flying Objects are headed for Earth, and at their current speed they will be here by August 2013.

Since these objects destroyed the Mars Rover Spirit they are being treated as hostile forces. To combat such a threat unlike anything humanity has faced before the military factions of Earth came together and established the Star Fighter Program. This program is made up of elite jet fighter pilots from all over the world that are being cross-trained as astronauts in order to prepare them for combat in space.

For the past 12 months brave men and women have been preparing for the arrival of this hostile alien force, and that day is finally here. The alien armada has entered Earth’s space and have begun attacking our space stations and satellites. This is a classic invasion tactic to cut off communication. Each nation already has their orders to launch their Star Fighters and engage the enemy army. Intel has shown that the invaders are gathering around the Moon as if protecting it. Advisors believe that this is an attempt to establish a base on the Moon in order to launch a full scale invasion of Earth. Your mission is to make sure the alien threat doesn’t establish that base.

Are you ready to gear up as an elite Star Fighter pilot and help defend Earth from this alien invasion?

The Most Unlockable Ships of Any Space Shooter
Retro Art Style
Addicting Classic Game Play
Intense Fast Paced Action
Epic Soundtrack
Powerful Power Ups

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BlackMoon Design for their awesome artwork with the backgrounds, enemies and power ups!

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