Star Fighter Saga – Mars Assault

Star Fighter Saga Mars Assault

Time to Fight Back!

STAR FIGHTER SAGA – MARS ASSAULT is the thrilling conclusion of the iOS Exclusive Star Fighter Saga Trilogy.

Are you ready for the hardest mission the Star Fighters have ever faced?

Earth has been successfully defended but as long as those Martians are out there they will always be a threat. We need you to escort one of our Space Carriers to Mars so that it can unload its Titan class bomb and end this war for good. Star Fighters suit up one last time and lets take this fight to Mars!

Gear up and fly the most advanced space crafts in human history the Star Fighters. As an elite pilot you will have at your disposal several ships to choose from to take into battle. We will have carriers on hand to repair any damage your ship sustains but remember that new Star Fighters are not cheap so save up your coin to buy more ships.

To aid you in battle we will be dropping in special power ups such as the A2 Hydrogen Bomb that will obliterate an enemy in the vicinity of your radar or the new experimental Super Boost that will send your Star Fighter sailing through space at warp speed. Use these power ups strategically to help you overcome the Martian threat.


  • Several Power Ups to Use
  • Many different Star Fighters to Unlock
  • Retro Pixel Artwork
  • Challenging Arcade Game Play
  • Adrenaline Pumping Soundtrack

Thank you to everyone that submitted Star Fighter names in our “Name that Ship” contest on the Touch Arcade forums. A very special thanks to the winners.

  • Icy Thunder by Jenna Lavender Rose
  • Nebula by miroa
  • Reaper by WillCN

Congratulations for winning the “Name that Ship” contest.

We will host another contest to name future ships so stay in touch by Liking us on Facebook or following us on Twitter at GameGrenade.

Special thanks to BlackMoon Design for their awesome artwork with the backgrounds, enemies and power ups!

Thanks to all our fans, friends and family for your support!

Star Fighter Ships
Power Ups
Epic Enemies